VTE English Edition NO.2, 2010

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1 VTE English Edition NO.2, 2010,pdf
2 Cover
3 Brief Introduction 1
4 Colophon
5 Seeking Quality and Innovation Becoming the Key Point
6 Contents
7 Information
8 Chinese Government Vigorously Pushing Forward Teaching Reform in Vocational Education
9 New Catalogue, Great Changes—Specialties Catalogue of Secondary Vocational Schools (2010 Revision)Printed and Issued by the Ministry of Education
10 New Policy, New Highlight—The Introduction of New Policy for the Reform of Technical Schools
11 Planning for Higher Vocational Education
12 Analysis on Policy Trends of Vocational Education Reform and Development of China—Quantitative Analysis on Vocational Education Policy Documents in China from 1995 to 2008
13 Case Study on Attractiveness of Vocational Education from Student's Perspective
14 Implementation of "9 plus 3" Free Vocational Education Plan in Tibetan Areas of Sichuan
15 Innovation of Rural Vocational Education Development Model in Zhangpu of Jiangsu
16 Survey on Social Identity of Higher Vocational School Students Located in Less Developed Regions—The Sample of Guangdong Province
17 Investigation on Approaches for Acquiring Enrollment Information of Secondary Vocational School Students
18 China and ASEAN Reached Common Understandings