Persisting in High-quality Education
VTE English Edition - VTE English Edition NO.1, 2013

Editor-in-Chief of English Edition of Vocational and Technical Education

Head of International and Comparative Education Research Office of Vocational and Technical Education Academy in Jilin Teachers’ Institute of Engineering and Technology

Li Yujing

Enhancing quality is the most important goal for educational reform and development. What kind of education can be regarded as high-quality vocational education? How to carry out high-quality vocational education? This is a question confronting every school, every principal and every teacher in China as well as in the world. In this issue, we have selected one typical secondary vocational school in China that takes “high-quality vocational education” as the tenet of school-running. The educational philosophy and practice of this school can help us to understand the rich connotations and distinctive features of high-quality vocational education.(Annex