High-quality Vocational Education——Report on Ningbo Foreign Affairs School
VTE English Edition - VTE English Edition NO.1, 2013

Designed by the Editorial Board

Wrote by Yu Zhijing, Liu Jiao, Liu Hai, Zhang Qiwu

Improving quality is the core task for educational reform and development.

Placing quality improvement as the priority is a pressing demand by the accelerated development of modern vocational education.

What kind of vocational education can be regarded as high-quality vocational education? How could high-quality vocational education come into being? This is a question of the time confronting every school, every principal and every teacher in the process of moving towards modernization of vocational education in China.

“The way ahead is long; I see no ending, yet high and low I will search with my will unbending.” On the way of exploration, many schools are trying to illustrate their answers with their unique educational practice. It are they who have shown us the most splendid image for contemporary Chinese vocational education and the magnificent glory of modern vocational education.

In this issue, we cast our sights on Ningbo. There is a school at which the staff uses “high-quality vocational education” to position themselves. The educational philosophy and practice of this school help us to understand the rich connotations of vocational education and the features and significance of modernization of Chinese vocational education.

That school is named Ningbo Foreign Affairs School.(Annex