Government Policy Initiatives for Promoting Agricultural Education towards Reducing Non-peace Activites among Students in Tertiary Institutions in North-eastern Nigeria
VTE English Edition - VTE English Edition NO.3-4, 2012

By Ukonze Juliana

The study was carried out to determine government policy initiative for promoting agricultural education towards reducing non-peace activities among students in tertiary institutions in north-eastern Nigeria. To achieve this, four research questions were developed and four null hypothesis were formulated to guide the study. A survey research design was employed for the study. The population for the study was 52 directors from the Ministry of Education and 88 extension agents. The population is small, therefore, the entire population was involved in the study; there was no sampling. A structured questionnaire was used for collecting data from the respondents. Cronbach alpha reliability method was adopted to determine the internal consistency of the questionnaire items, a Cronbach alpha coefficient of 0.86 was obtained. 140 copies of the instrument were administered. All the 140 copies of the instrument were retrieved and analyzed using weighted mean to answer the research questions and t-test to test the hypothesis at 0.05 level of significance. It was found that all the items identified were government policy initiatives for promoting agricultural education towards reducing non-peace activities of the students. It was therefore recommended that the four initiatives identified in this study should be considered by government as guidelines for reducing non-peace activities in tertiary institutions in North-eastern Nigeria.(Annex