Create the Future by Recording History
VTE English Edition - VTE English Edition NO.1, 2012

Editor-in-Chief of English Edition of Vocational and Technical Education

Head of International and Comparative Education Research Office of Vocational and Technical Education Academy in Jilin Teachers’ Institute of Engineering and Technology

Li Yujing

Vocational education in China is a historical category, and it has a long history. The historical process has important impacts on the reality and future development of vocational education. Actually, the origins and reflections of many problems faced by the development of vocational education today can be found in history, for example, the relationship between government domination and market demand, between the appeal of enterprises and talents cultivation, between the structure of labor and educational layout, between public schools and private schools, between public nature and profit-seeking as well as between standardized management and self-development. Therefore, it is easier to recognize the essence of present problems and discover the key for solving the sticking points by tracking history. There is the tradition of respecting, recording and studying history among Chinese people. Deng Xiaoping, the general designer for the reform and opening-up of China, has a well-known saying: “the aim of summarizing history is to create the future”. This issue is the fruit of summarizing history, and we called it “Historic Image” ——long and long history image. (Annex)