Journal and International Communication of Vocational Education in China
VTE English Edition - VTE English Edition NO.4, 2011

By Cheng Yu, Li Yujing, Fang Wei, Zhang Qiwu, Wang Hao, Li Yao

The development of modern vocational education in China is the product of saving and rejuvenating the nation by referring to western experiences. More than 100 years ago, when the old China was under jeopardy, a batch of pioneers of new thoughts had put forward to watch the development of the world and carry out reform by learning western countries. Under the enlightenment of new thoughts, a series of modern education journals were created. Tracking the origin of education journals, we have found that the “Educational Journal” created in 1909 was the first journal in the field of education; the “Education and Vocation” created in 1917 was the first journal in the field of vocational education, seeing figure 1. They all played important roles in ideological enlightenment of educational reform in contemporary China.