Comparative Analysis on Regional Development of Secondary Vocational Education
VTE English Edition - VTE English Edition NO.4, 2011

By Chen Song

The design of evaluation index for regional development of secondary vocational education has been made in accordance with the national decision of vigorously promoting secondary vocational education and maintaining the development scale of secondary vocational schools during the “12th Five-year Plan” period, and the evaluation analysis follows the guideline of appropriate development of secondary vocational education. The evaluation of regional vocational education development involves many factors. Based on the “Decisions of the State Council on Greatly Promoting Reform and Development of Vocational Education” (referred to the Decisions hereafter), a comprehensive evaluation has been made from the aspects of government macro-control, current situation of resources and service conditions, which can be defined as the following factors: development scale of secondary vocational education, the coordination of the educational structure at upper secondary education, fiscal investment in vocational education, status of vocational education resources(including educational equipments, total floor space, number of permanent teachers), management and operation system of vocational education(including coordinative support to vocational education development by governments at different levels and roles played by enterprises of the industry) and teaching reform of vocational education (including services made by vocational education to economic and social progress).