Skills Competition: Prelude to a New Era——Report on the National Vocational Skills Competition 2011
VTE English Edition - VTE English Edition NO.2, 2011

Designed by the Editorial Council

Wrote by Cheng Yu, Rong Guocheng

On June 25~27, 2011, the National Vocational School Skills Competition 2011 was solemnly held in Tianjin, which was organized by 16 organizations, such as the Ministry of Education, Tianjin People’s Government, the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security, etc. It was the consecutively fourth skills competition held in Tianjin since 2008. This year, the main competition venue is at the newly built Tianjin Haihe Educational Park. The Park, with an area of 37 km2, is located on the south bank of the middle reaches of Haihe River between Tianjin City Center and New Binhai Zone. The competition items were chosen from 1885 items of all provinces and municipalities, and the competition participants were chosen from more than 4 million participating students from all provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions). They have competed over 55 items of 16 specialties. The number of participants and the size of competition reached record high, which shows a further better system of skills competition which “involves all schools, all levels, and all students”.

The competition comes at the time of beginning of the “12th five-year plan”; it is the first nationwide vocational education event after the “National Medium and Long-term Planning Outline for Educational Reform and Development (2010—2020)” was promulgated. So the competition received high regard and expectations from all related circles.