2010 Report on Employment of Higher Vocational School Graduates of China
VTE English Edition - VTE English Edition NO.1, 2010

MyCOS Research Team of Chinese Undergraduates Employment

Employment is the most important indicator of political and economic prosperity of a country. Though the trends of globalization and technological progress have enhanced economic recovery and working posts enlarging, it also accelerated instability of employment and unemployment of employees. Nowadays, the economic recovery of the world is obvious, but enhancing the employment opportunities is the fundamental challenges faced by every country in the world. In the“2010 Governmental Working Report” of the State Council, the China Premier Wen Jiabao said that China will leave no stone unturned to enlarge employment; this is the most important matter for ensuring and improving people’s living standard.
The employment of undergraduates is one of important indicators of social development of China society. The government of China has issued a series policies for employment of undergraduates. After endeavor in more than one year, what’s the employment status of higher education graduates anyway? What changes have been taking place? Nowadays, MyCOS Company issued the employment report on Chinese higher education graduates of year 2010. The report has made detailed analysis on graduation status, employment and monthly pay status for 2009 higher education graduates. The essay selected the data and analysis on higher vocational school students in the report, and revealed the employment status of higher vocational school graduates. (Annex)