2010 Report on Cultivation of Higher Vocational School Students of China
VTE English Edition - VTE English Edition NO.1, 2010

MyCOS Research Team of Chinese Undergraduate Employment

Whether the graduates cultivated by higher education institutions are adaptable to social demand and make smooth transition to work is an important problem faced by the higher education institutions in China. The MyCOS Company issued the“2010 Employment Report of Chinese Undergraduates” to society on 2 June 2010. The report is a sample tracking investigation outcomes for higher education graduates of year 2009 after their graduation of half a year. The sample of the investigation attained about 500 thousand students, the callback of questionnaires is about 245 thousand share, and the callback rate is 49%; in which, the effective questionnaires are 220 thousand, and the questionnaires whose questions were answered completely accounted for 73%.The investigation covered 2599 higher education institutions, sub-schools and sub-colleges, which involved 661 specialties of higher vocational and technical education. The investigation covered 31 provinces and municipalities around China, covered 657 occupations and 316 industries. The report made comprehensive analysis on the working abilities and core knowledge of higher vocational and technical school graduates of year 2009, which manifested the talent cultivation situation of higher vocational schools in one aspect. (Annex)