Dilemma and Breakthrough of the New Professional Farmers Training in the Process of Urbanization ——Based on a Survey of Three County-level Cities of Zhuzhou, Xiangxiang and Pingjiang in Hunan
VTE English Edition - VTE English Edition NO.1-4, 2015

By Wu Yixiong

Abstract: To train new professional farmers is the strategic choice and key projects of new agricultural management system construction, is a major institutional innovation of promoting the urban and rural areas overall planning and harmonious development of the society. At present, the new professional farmers training in China is still at the initial stage of exploration. In the process of urbanization, new professional farmers training faces multiple difficulties, such as the “low quality” of rural labor force, the “aging” of rural labor force, the low input of government, the backward concept of rural labor force, the industrialization agricultural production, the lagging of legal system. Based on this, the cultivation of new professional farmers needs urgently the joint efforts of the government, enterprises and farmers, to establish the “five-wheel driving” mechanism of the government promotion, departmental interaction, policy driven, market driven, peasants initialization, to supply talents support in ensuring national food security and effective supply of important agricultural products, promoting the transformation and upgrading of modern agriculture, and constructing the new agricultural operation system.

Key words: urbanization; new professional farmers; training; dilemma; breakthrough; Hunan