For the Hope of Fusong——Report on the Vocational Education Center of Fusong County
VTE English Edition - VTE English Edition NO.1, 2014

Designed by the Editorial Board

Wrote by Staff Reporter Yu Zhijing, Liu Hai

The county-level vocational education center is a great invention in the development process of the modern vocational education in China. It undertakes the functions of human resources development, transfer and training of rural laborers, technical training and popularization, alleviating rural poverty through implementing the combination of agriculture, science and education and running schools under overall planning by three educational systems (vocational education, adult education and general education) within the area of a county.

The “Decision on Vigorously Promoting the Development of Vocational Education of the State Council” released in 2005 required each county to focus on a vocational education center which will play a backbone and demonstration effect and implement the special construction program of the county-level vocational education center. According to the statistics of education departments, there are more than 12,000 secondary vocational schools nationwide at present, including more than 3,000 county-level vocational education centers (vocational schools).

In fact, the development of the county-level vocational education center has not been smooth these years, and such problems as insufficient investment, scarce source of students, idle teaching facilities and low popularity among farmers have been perplexing the policymakers and school runners. The “National Medium and Long-term Educational Reform and Development Planning Outline (2010-2020)” promulgated in 2010 put forward that “running the county-level vocational education center in accordance with the need”, which could be considered as a major adjustment of the former policy of “each county focusing on running a county-level vocational education center”. Many regions adjusted their policy support for the construction of the county-level vocational education center correspondingly, too.

Though there is great dispute as to how to develop the county-level vocational education center in terms of policy and meanwhile those involving in it face realistic predicament in school-running, a group of people still choose to stick to this cause persistently and they try their best to develop well the county vocational education center.

The teachers and students of Fusong County Vocational Education Center this issue features is the representative of such a group of people, who, at the foot of Changbai Mountain and among the boundless sea of woods, safeguard the hope for this land on which 300,000 people live.(Annex