On the Urban-rural Difference of Vocational Education for the Disabled in Northwest China——A Quantitative Analysis on Disabled Group in Gansu Province
VTE English Edition - VTE English Edition NO.2-4, 2013

By Feng Xue-lan

Vocational education indicates various forms of education and training that the individual accepts for obtaining certain vocational qualification credentials. Vocational education for the disabled group is conductive to raising their skills for new jobs, promoting their equal participation in social life and is important foundation for building harmonious society. The paper is based on the data from the author’ s survey on the second national disabled samples in 19 districts in Gansu province in 2007, using contingency table and logic regression, the author comparatively investigates the disabled group’s vocational education and its major influential factors. The results show that vocational education for the disabled are differentiated by gender, disability category, education expectation, vocational school and urban-rural area.(Annex