Skills Competition: New Features, New Orientation
VTE English Edition - VTE English Edition NO.2-4, 2013

By Staff Report Zhang Qiwu, Li Yujing

In June 2013, the vocational education once again arrested the country’s attention. Over one month, the National Skills Competition for Vocational Schools was held in Tianjin, the main contest place and other contest areas. Nearly 10 thousand contestants vied for medals of 100 events under 14 program categories. At the start of this year, the Ministry of Education issued the “Three-year Plan for National Skills Competition of Vocational Schools(2013-2015)”, putting forward the guidance , development goals and major tasks of skills competition within three years. The Three-year Plan has changed the practice of “each planning for each year” and steered the competition on a healthy and scientific track. Guided by the national strategy of accelerating modern vocational education, the skills competition for vocational schools, under the implementation of Three-year Plan, registered new features in its organization and operation and marked a new direction for vocational education in China.(Annex