Report on Apprenticeships, Employer Engagement and Vocational Formation in England
VTE English Edition - VTE English Edition NO.2-4, 2013

Designed by the Editorial Board

Prepared by Dr. Susan James, Professor Ken Mayhew, Dr. Andrea Laczik, Ms Marta Mordarska

Copyright is belonged to the British Council, Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy

Ambitious goals have been set for the UK to become one of the top countries in the world for jobs, productivity and skills (UKCES, 2009; Leitch, 2006). To help to achieve such goals, policymakers focus on improving levels of qualifications in the populace, including those acquired through vocational education and training (VET). However, UK VET has received much criticism (Keep and Mayhew, 1998). In the face of such criticism there have been attempts to identify its strengths and weaknesses (The Wolf Review, DfE, 2011; Stasz, 2011).(Annex